2012 Mini Grant Recipients

Instructor Grant Program Name School Amount
Diana Kennen A Demo a Day Keeps the Doldrums Away RMS $489.11
Jennifer Chavalia Empty Bowls LES $500.00
Melinda Stanford 21st Century LEAP LES $468.50
Melinda Stanford 21st Century Literacy Center LES $499.00
Cynthia Morton Spear It-Student Leadership Program SHS $490.08
Joanna Anglin AP Summer Camp–English RCA $490.08
Joanna Anglin AP Summer Camp–History RCA $496.00
Alex Alvarez In a Flash: SAT and ACT Admission CO $396.00
Alex Alvarez Home-grown Research Experiences CO $500.00
Carol Compton Mission…Good Nutrition DMS $487.59
Veja Dennis Let’s Find Out! PCE $499.00
Allison Russell Book Cooks PCE $500.00
Paula Rockwell Just Shirts ROC $499.59
Paula Rockwell Ready, Set, Work! ROC $325.00
Jenny Walker Literacy Galore with Common Core BES $500.00
Cussandra Martin Bibliotherapy in Counseling CJH $478.00
Randy Goerner Checkmate! DMS $497.00
Katy King “An Environmental Leap” DMS $500.00
Theresa Anschutz The Director’s Seat: Afternoon Reading Adv. SCE $500.00

Teacher of the Year
Marion Hanahan from Heritage High School, $500
Dianne Hall from JH House Elementary, $100
Don Swaney, Rockdale County High School, $100

Rockdale Academic Boosters