2019 Mini Grant Recipients

Name School Project Title Amt Awarded
Tara Stephens FSE Build This House 223.39
Allison Russell HCE Do the Math 715.96
Orissa DePass JHH Scholastic Magazines for Science/Literary Instruction 632.50
Melissa DeLorme LES Specialized Adaptive Positioning Equipment for the Class 665.94
Brittany Etheredge JHH Reading Across Time 995.15
Terrie Anschutz PSE Digital Art and Design Genius Hour 1,000.00
Terrie Anschutz RCA Robotics Exploration Station 1,000.00
Linda Adams SCE Fraction Towers 1,000.00
Trina Myers JHH Flashlight Reading Across the Curriculum 976.53
Kayla Lazenby LES Four C’s: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Comm and Collaboration 950.00
Lisa Tompkins DMS Virtual Instruction for Young Writers 995.00
Prudence Williams EMS Solar Cars for Solar Races 735.96
Stephen Williams CMS Aerospace Engineering Robotics Lab Project 990.00
Tara Thieleke MMS Artists A through Z 1,000.00
Terance Shipman MMS The Harry Potter Project — Promoting Life Long Literacy 833.17
Allison Asberry RHS Passport to Art 881.61
Stretch Brandenburg RCA Mobile Toolbox for the Innovation Station Trailer 985.00
Paige Hutchinson RHS Rockdale Film Project 998.00
Catherine Roja HHS Art Installation for School Beautification 775.49
Shelley Seagraves RMSST Maker’s Cart 1,000.00
Shelley Seagraves RMSST Maker’s Cart Boxes 1,000.00
Total 18,353.70