Mini Grants

Grant Requirements

Please read the following carefully. Once familiar with the requirements, move to the apply page and start the process.

icon-what-is-a-mini-grantWhat is a Grant

The Rockdale County Public Schools Foundation has developed a program offering Grants for up to $1,000 to Rockdale County teachers and staff who have ideas for creative, innovative educational projects for which funding is not available through regular school sources.
Grant monies may be used to purchase materials, supplies, equipment, etc., necessary for the successful completion of the project. For example, a grant could be used to purchase science equipment for a special science experiment, or to buy software*  for computer applications in any number of curriculum areas, or to fund parent study skill programs designed to improve parent involvement in their child’s homework. (Special note about kits: Creativity is evaluated in your proposal, as most “kits” are pre-designed a successful grant involving a kit would need to demonstrate a creative use of the kit itself.)

Educational trips will be considered only if they are an integral part of the proposed project. Grant funds may not be used as personal honorariums for the applicant, other teachers, or other school personnel.

icon-who-is-eligibleWho is Eligible

Any individual or group of Rockdale County Public Schools teachers, counselors, media specialists, resource teachers, administrators, or educational support staff members (i.e. lunchroom personnel, bus drivers, etc.) are eligible to apply.

icon-prepareHow to Prepare Your Proposal

The following guidelines must be followed when submitting a grant proposal. Many proposals are submitted for consideration.
Therefore, proposals not meeting the criteria will be disqualified.

  1. All proposals must be in Word Format.
  2. Use one inch margins, text should be in Helvetica or Times New Roman, size 12.
  3. Follow the sample outline provided and respond to every item in detail.
  4. The proposal should not exceed four pages including the title page.
  5. Any proposal that contains information that allows a grant to be identified with a school will be disqualified.  Be cautious NOT to mention names in the context of the proposal that would identify the applicant, the school, the principal or the class involved. We do this to keep our judging process impartial.

icon-evaluationProject Evaluation

During the project the Foundation Grant Review Committee will review the progress of the program and may conduct at least one on-site review. Participants will be contacted via email and asked to complete an online self evaluation of their grant.
To ensure accountability, schools will be required to provide the the foundation with records (receipts) proving the funds were utilized for the grant. Teachers are accountable for expenditure of funds received from the Foundation. All monies must be spent by December 31, of the same year during which the grant was awarded.  Funds not spent must be returned to the Foundation.

icon-awardedHow Grants are Awarded

Grant proposals are reviewed by the Grant Review Committee of the Rockdale County Public Schools Foundation. The grant award process is designed to provide funds for special programs that support classroom instructional needs.

The Foundation solicits proposals from teachers and others who wish to initiate learning experiences and or purchase tools that require up to $1000 funding for which other funding sources are not available. Applicants may apply for a maximum of two grants using one application for each proposal.

icon-distribution-of-fundsDistribution of Funds

Upon approval of a grant proposal. the Foundation will forward a check in the recipient’s name for the grant amount to his or her school’s principal. The principal will be responsible for disbursing the funds to the teacher. The recipient will be required to maintain records of all expenditures. Upon completing the project, these records and the project evaluation form must be submitted to the Foundation. Teachers are accountable for the expenditure of funds received from the Foundation.

icon-rankingThe Selection Process

Your proposal will be assigned an identification number. Your file will be renamed with that identification number. Judges will only see the identification number. Your proposal will then be forwarded to a subcommittee for review. Each subcommittee will rank the applications according to the extent to which each project:

  1. Challenges students at different ability levels
  2. Enriches the educational experience for students
  3. Is creative
  4. Has realistic goals
  5. Is cost effective

The subcommittees will submit their preliminary selections to the total Review Committee, which in turn will make the final selections. Funds will be awarded according to the yearly grant budget.

icon-ownershipOwnership of Materials

Equipment and materials purchased through the grant program will remain the property of the Rockdale County School System. The person receiving the grant will have exclusive use of the equipment and materials for as long as the project continues. Any unexpended grant funds are to be returned to the Foundation.
If a grant is awarded to a teacher who transfers to another school in the Rockdale district, the grant will remain with the teacher provided the project/activity for which the funds were awarded can be replicated exactly as described in the grant proposal. If this is not possible, the grant may remain with the school that received the funds provided the project/activity will be completed exactly as described in the grant proposal when the grant was awarded. If these conditions are not met, the funds must be returned to the Foundation.

icon-selection-committeeThe Review Committee

The Review Committee, like the Foundation’s Board of Directors, includes representatives from the business, civic. parent, and educational sectors of the community.