2015 Mini Grant Winners

Name School Project Title Amount Awarded
Gretchen Gault HTE Space Camp $400.00
Genifer Keener PSE Math Beats $995.00
Kim Manget RCPS No Problem! $998.00
Terri Anschutz PSE WRCPS Broadcast Journalism Club $1,000.00
Susan Kelly PSE Learning From a Distance Part 2 $880.00
Diana Kennen RMS STEM-TASTIC Challenges for 9th Graders $783.00
Diana Kennen RMS Water Everywhere! $550.00
Lisa Millsapp RHS Coffee Cafe $800.00
R. Kevin Brown RHS Fostering an Environment for Intrinsically Motivated Students thru SmartMusic Software $1,000.00
Terance Shipman MMS How Do We Grow? One Book at a Time! $1,000.00
Sharon Farris CMS CMS Chorus $800.00
Caroline Snell DMS Advanced Research for Science and Engineering Projects $1,000.00
Katy King DMS The Year of the Monarch $979.00
Katy King DMS Empty Bowls 2017 $800.00
Tameka Osabutey MMS STEMfolio $995.00
Cherie Thompson DMS Future Inventors: Play, Remix, Share $900.00
Total Awarded $13,880.00