2016 Mini Grant Recipients

Name School Project Title Amt Awarded
Terri Anschutz PSE WRCPS Broadcast Journalism Club-Part II 1,000.00
Janie Jones SCE Math 24 to the Rescue 510.00
Christie McMichael PCE Sit Down On It 975.38
Tonya Jones FSE Make a Difference in Your Community-Project Based Learning 500.00
Nandi Jno-Charles MMS Seminole Prep 927.68
Katy King DMS Bee Inspired-Bee the Change 1,000.00
Nancy Kelly EMS MINIBOTS and Mathematics 1,000.00
Stephen Williams CMS Aerospace Engineering Drone Flight Lab Project 979.80
Terilyn Smith MMS Start with STEM Makers’ Workshop 1,000.00
Sharon Farris CMS CMS Chorus 1,000.00
Raquel Lett-Anderson Shauna Miller, Michelle Thorne HHS This is How We Shakespeare! 1,000.00
Naomi Randall – 1 HHS I Can Be a Great Student 900.00
Naomi Randall – 2 HHS I Can Be a Great Student 900.00
Corey Johnson HHS The Game of Life-Taking Care of Kids 1,000.00
Christine L. Miller RCHS Graphic Novel entice Readers 1,000.00
Total 13,692.86